Refuge Journal 7

Dec 08 2017

An Evening of Holiday Mischief: General Admission SOLD OUT

Co-founder Cory Chisel stopped by WFRV-TV Channel 5 yesterday morning to spread the word about our upcoming show, An Evening of Holiday Mischief. View the video here.

We are grateful and excited to share that today General Admission tickets have sold out!

There are limited amounts of Sustainability Packages left and available for purchase, which include priority seating & early admission, a Holiday Toast with Cory & Adriel, a limited edition signed poster, and more! All proceeds benefit the Refuge Foundation for the Arts. Thank you all so much for supporting us!

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Artist Resident: Annie Williams

Annie Williams is an American singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee who has been writing songs while working as a designer/industrial seamstress for the past 10 years. After being cast with a lead film role 2 years ago, Annie’s desire for art was ignited, and she put her handbag company on hold. She now works as a songwriter for television and films with Songs Publishing + Chop Shop.

Her residency here has been used to finish writing lyrics for songs that have been germinating for a few years in the form of a voice memo. Having so many melodies without lyrics, she used the Refuge as a place to get the lyrics sorted out.

Annie has also been making final demos in the chapel after not having made a record for herself in 7 years. Because of this, she felt that writing and recording herself was the most vulnerable thing she could do at this point in her life. She described the chapel as daunting and seemingly holy place to sing in at first, but that getting used to singing in the space has been a journey hear herself sing out with confidence.

“Being a mother of a toddler and trying to carve out time to make a record seems almost impossible at home. I couldn’t be more thankful for The Refuge creating an inviting and beautiful space for my son to come and run around while I record.”

Dear John

We are excited to announce that our second album release from Robert Ellis & Courtney Hartman titled Dear John has been released today! The album is a tribute to GRAMMY award winning artist John Hartford.

Best known for his solo performances where he would alternate between guitar, banjo, and fiddle while he tap danced and clogged on an amplified piece of plywood, John Hartford is credited as one of the founders and pioneers of newgrass, a non-traditional approach to bluegrass music, as well as known for his mastery of traditional folk music inspired by his affection of for the culture of the Mississippi River and its steamships. Dear John is available on vinyl, CD, and as a digital download and can be ordered here.

Robert Ellis and Courtney Hartman met backstage at a music festival in 2013 and first bonded over their mutual love of John Hartford songs. Dear John is the culmination of a few years’ friendship and a collection of well-known and obscure material revealing the quirky and tender sides of Hartford’s writing. The album shines a light on Hartford’s strength as a songwriter, and allows Ellis and Hartman to showcase their perfectly blended vocals and the playful back and forth of their guitar playing.