Refuge Journal 46

Nov 02 2018

Today, our longtime friend and supporter, LOLO, released her new single “WILD” in partnership with Refuge Foundation for the Arts and we are thrilled! You can purchase the single on iTunes, and it will be available on Apple Music and Spotify as well. You can also catch LOLO on Rachael Ray this morning performing and talking about all of the exciting projects she has been working on. LOLO returns to Appleton for An Evening of Holiday Mischief on December 21st, with tickets available below!

Artist In Residence

DJ Ross Grizzly

Artist in Residence DJ Ross Grizzly came to us in August from Miami, Florida where he was DJing small local gigs as a post-college graduate to make some money. He then became the official DJ for the Jameson Whiskey Love Thy Neighborhood Tour in support of Keep America Beautiful. Since moving to Appleton, Ross has become a fixture in our community as a soundtrack curator for events including Bazaar After Dark, Hopeland Festival, African Heritage’s Family and Back to School Celebration Day, and Refuge Arts Block Party.

Recently, he even made his professional debut at Lawrence University as a guest lecturer in Cory Chisel’s class! We sat down with Ross to ask him about his experiences and get to know him better.

Q: What are the five words that describe you as a person and a DJ?
A: Outgoing, unpredictable, joyful, turn up, fun.

Q: What three songs will you never get sick of no matter how many times you hear them?
A: “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey, “Knuck If You Buck” by Crime Mob, “Shake and Dance With Me” by Con Funk Shun.

Q: If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, who/what would it be?
A: “A grizzly bear. Come on!”

Q: You recently were a guest professor at Lawrence University (pictured below). What did you take away from that experience?
A: Those kids are ready to learn about so many different things other than the things beyond what they are taught at Lawrence.

Q: Finish this sentence ‘Before I got to the Refuge…’
A: I didn’t have a place to grow as a person and an artist.

Our new website has launched! We’ve been working on redesigning our website, and it’s finally here! It includes a calendar of past and upcoming events, all of our newsletters, and our webstore. You can visit the new site here.

Our friends at the Refuge Lounge closed their doors for the final time this past Saturday. They had one last show Friday with Laura Bomber, David Paul Martin, and Cory Chisel. Throughout the bar’s time, they supported various talents and hosted over 100 shows. Many artists who performed there have stayed with us here at the Refuge, in our partnership and similar values to bring the Arts to our community. Thank you to all who have supported the Refuge Lounge throughout the years!

Refuge Foundation for the arts presents An Evening of Holiday Mischief, a performance taking place at 7:00pm December 21st at Lawrence Memorial Chapel in Appleton!

This year Cory Chisel and Adriel Denae will be joined by Stelth Ulvang of the Lumineers, Dorota Ulvang, LOLO, Shannon Shaw of Shannon and the Clams, Sam Trump, J-Council, and DJ Ross Grizzly. They’ll be singing your favorite classic tunes, along with some new original versions. Doors open at 6:00pm and the show starts at 7:00pm.

You can purchase your ticket here, with ticket purchases helping to fulfill our mission to guide healing, hope, and inspiration to our community through the arts.