Refuge Journal 39

Sep 01 2018

We live in a time of change; of passionate opinions, protest, and reform. Words, sounds and images have the power to cause people to consider themselves and their world in a new way, and there’s a lot to consider right now. Public art experiences can push us to notice, appreciate and engage with the collective progress we are seeking. We need more of it, in every city, and we need it to incite feeling, thought, and action.

Our goal with Hopeland Festival is to celebrate our community through creative collaborations with artists, local businesses and community organizations. We want to share a thoughtful exchange together and a glimpse into what our region has to offer while asking the question: how can the arts add value to our shared experience?

This year, we changed the name of our festival from Homeland Experience to Hopeland Festival. Home is a relative term that can invoke strong feelings. For some it might be a feeling of comfort and belonging, but for others it can conjure the pain of loss and trauma – of walls that create barriers and separation. Hope is a limitless idea that knows no boundaries, and is something we should fight to preserve in our relationships with ourselves and each other.

As an arts organization, we feel it is our responsibility and duty to push the standards of our community forward. Now is the time to make strong statements about the value of inclusion and diversity. We believe that diversity is at the heart of resilient and thriving systems and we desire to reflect this idea in the creative experiences we curate. We continue to learn each year about how to evolve in this idea, but we are committed to our growth and intention.

Hopeland Festival is a free, all-ages, two-day experience of live music and visual art taking place in the On Broadway district of Green Bay. We are partnering with local businesses including Kavarna, Keggers, Lyric Room, Black & Tan Lounge, Neville Public Museum, Three Three Five, Cup O Joy, Titletown Brewing Company Roof Tap, and with Fox Communities Credit Union who are generously helping to make this gift to our community possible. The dates of Hopeland Festival are:

Friday, September 21st from 5:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturday, September 22nd from 5:00pm – 10:00pm.

The visual art portion of Hopeland Festival will be spearheaded by Refuge Artist in Residence, Ally Wilber, who seeks to bring meaningful public art to the event. Expect to see some larger, intentionally provocative and uplifting works by regional artists outside and throughout the musical venues. Some pieces may even find a permanent home in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Here is the last of our lineup, along with the previously announced artists below:

For more information visit

Adriel Denae – Appleton, WI
Emily Kopp – Nashville, TN
Feed The Dog – Wisconsin
David Paul Martin – Wisconsin
Parker Gispert – Athens, GA
The Lately – Appleton, WI
Sam Trump – Chicago, IL
Nicholas Raymond – Wisconsin
Micah Schnabel – Bucyrus, OH
McKinley Dixon – Richmond, VA
Mayaeni – Detroit, MI
J-Council – Appleton, WI
Creamer – Nashville, TN
Elle Winston – Brooklyn, NY
Alex Ortega – New York, NY
Colee James – Green Bay, WI
LOLO – Jackson, TN