Refuge Journal 10: 2017 Recap

Jan 02 2018

See you in the light of 2018. Happy New Year, and thank you for your continued support of Refuge Foundation for the Arts.


Video: Justus Poehls, Oliver Franklin Anderson
Singers: Adriel Denae, Erin Rae, Coco Reilly, The Dove & The Wolf
Sound: Samuel James Farrell
Song: “Rare Feeling” written by Twain
Refuge Arts Logo: Chad Ó Brádaigh
Also featuring: Cory Chisel, Adriel Denae, Erin Rae, The Dove & The Wolf, The Lone Bellow, Charlie Mars, Alex Ortega, Buddy Jackson, Amy Romenesko, Daniel J. Watts, Faye Webster, Harpooner, Robert Ellis, J-Council, The Lately, Ruby Amanfu, Oliver Franklin Anderson, Desert Noises, LOLO, Blind Boys of Alabama, Lex Allen, Erika Wennerstrom