Refuge Journal 55

Feb 20 2019

Upcoming Events

Caroline Allison Community Lecture

Refuge Foundation for the Arts is excited to host Nashville based photographer, Caroline Allison, for an exclusive community lecture in our Chapel on Wednesday February 27th starting at 7pm during Ms. Allison’s stay in Wisconsin.

Ms. Allison is developing a body of work that will be exhibited in September 2019 and published as an accompanying book. Her current artistic focus develops the concept of generational amnesia as it relates to our rapidly changing landscape. In addition, she is interested in the precarious balance of salt, water, and snow as an indicator for the overarching state of our planet.

Ms. Allison will visit our community to capture the landscape of a Wisconsin winter in all its various forms, working with a unique 4×5 camera, which she describes as a bit of an anomaly in our hyper digital and mediated world. The process of making photographs with this camera is slow and deliberate and allows space for a relationship with its subject to emerge.


This lecture is free and open to the public, but seating is very limited. You can register here or email [email protected] to reserve your seat today.

Photo: Caroline Allison
Slickaway Road, Kentucky

Considered one of the first communities of emancipated slaves, this stop on the Underground Railroad was called Slickaway because slaves would “slick away”  to freedom in Ohio.

Song of the Week

Warm Human - "Down"

Our friend Warm Human just released a video for her song “Down” from her forthcoming album Ghastly. Warm Human is the solo project of Meredith Johnston, a producer and composer from Chicago. The video for “Down” was partially shot here at the Refuge with artist resident Oliver Franklin Anderson, and has already been named one of the Best Music Videos of 2019 (So Far) by Thrillest. Director Carol Brandt describes the idea behind the video: “This song itself is so calming, I wanted to create a sense of peace while showing a dangerous situation on screen. The relaxed expression on Meredith’s face as she’s being driven down a road in the early morning, or handling a snake is a very interesting juxtaposition.” You can read more in the Stereo Gum write-up here.

Johnston explains, “Ghastly is about the ghosts that haunt you after a relationship ends, and how you have to work through your worst parts of yourself before you can come out as a survivor.” Ghastly is out March 8th; you can pre-order it here.

Warm Human – “Down”
Director: Carol Brandt
Producer: Madeline Power
Cinematography: Dana Shihadah
Art Direction and Snake Photography: Oliver Franklin Anderson
Featuring: Una The Studio Snake

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