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Artist Testimonials

Jon Wheelock
LoLo singer/songwriter

JS Ondara singer/songwriter
Oliver Franklin Anderson multi-faceted fine arts + video

Erika Wennerstrom musician/Heartless Bastards
Justus Poehls photographer

Matt Blake musician
Kemery Zetzmen artist

Kirk Jackson writer


Meet the artists who have joined us over the years to take refuge, create and record here. 

Oliver Franklin Anderson

Instagram | Website
Multidisciplinary director filmmaker, cinemagraph artist, and art photographer, Oliver Franklin Anderson draws inspiration from the wild and rural landscapes of Wisconsin where he lives and works. Current film projects include The Night Country, an indie anthology series, and Dream States, a hallucinatory natural history of the ecosystems of the Great Lakes states.

Kemery Zetzmen

Kemery is a sculptor and painter who received her associates degree from UW Fox Valley, and is planning to continue schooling to become an art teacher. She is currently working at a public walk-in art studio, and creates art whenever possible. Kemery was also commissioned a mural for a local bar, and is planning to do a painting workshop at Xavier High School in the near future.

Justus Poehls

Instagram | Instagram | Website
Justus is a photographer that uses various analog photographic processes (film, tintype, expired negative paper, etc) to explore portraiture, abstraction, and the mundane. He's currently working on a glass plate series for Appleton's Trout Museum of Art and reinventing the first color photograph process, autochrome, originally patented by the Lumiere brothers.

Ally Wilber

Instagram | Website
Ally recently obtained her BA in English and Studio Art from Ripon College and is now an artist-in-residence at The Refuge Foundation for the Arts. She has spent the past few months experimenting with unusual and organic media in her work, seeking to relinquish desire for total control in the creative process and investigating the line between creation and destruction. Nature seems to be a recurring trend in her work, reflecting her childhood in the woods of northern Wisconsin.

Ben Geyer

Instagram | Website under construction
Ben Geyer is a farmer who incorporates the colors of abundance and the work ethic of rural farm life into the works of his winter exploration of paint at the Refuge Arts. Art means anything is possible and he uses painting as an avenue to express the warmth and freedom of the natural world. His farm and artworks are visible on his Instagram account at Coyote_thumb_print and he is currently working on a website to showcase the works created this winter at the Refuge. His art will be showing at The Draw Feather and Bone Gallery in April.

Spencer Tweedy

Website | Twitter
Spencer Tweedy is a musician. Through his collaborations with his father, Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy, Tweedy has performed on albums by Mavis Staples, Pops Staples, Joan Shelley, Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion, and Beck. In 2014, the Tweedys formed an eponymous group and released their debut album, Sukierae. Spencer uses space at The Refuge to record his own music and to produce music for friends.

Frank Anderson

Frank L Anderson is a stop motion animator, author, musician, painter and live action filmmaker. He was born on Basilan Island in the Philippines and was once a ranch hand in California. He has directed, scored and animated numerous national commercials for Reebok, TCM, Coca Cola, the Cartoon Network, and in 2007 he co-directed the feature film The Life of Reilly, the highest critically rated film of that year. He enjoys playing classical music on pedal steel guitar and writes weekly for his website

Samuel James Farrell

Instagram | Websites:,
Samuel is a musician who records and produces at the Refuge, both for himself and other artists-in-residence. Samuel works with many Refuge musicians both on and off-stage including J-Council, Cory Chisel, and Adriel Denae. He is currently working on new records with The Lately and J-Council at the Refuge.

Chad Brady

Instagram | Facebook
Chad Brady has been an active artist since his childhood in Washington DC. He moved to the area in 2009; and has worked in a wide variety of media including painting, drawing, printmaking, and photography. He has been a professional muralist for nearly 20 years, and his murals can be seen throughout downtown Appleton and surrounding areas. Chad has produced gig posters and album artwork for locally- and nationally-known musicians including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Lucinda Williams, and Steve Earle. Chad formed his connection with the Refuge through the mutual quest to cultivate and support the arts in Appleton, and continues to collaborate with us by bringing the Foundation’s vision and messages to life.